About Kiedrich

About Kiedrich

Kiedrich is a community in the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis in the Regierungsbezirk of Darmstadt in Hesse, Germany.

Kiedrich lies in the Rheingau on the south slope of the Taunus, approximately 2 km north from the town of Eltville am Rhein and 3 km from the banks of the Rhine. Kiedrich borders on the community of Schlangenbad in the north, and on the town of Eltville in the east, south, and west.

The organ in the parish church, with approximately 950 pipes, dates from the Late Gothic period, and is one of Germany’s oldest playable organs. The choir of boys and men (lately including girls), the Kiedricher Chorbuben, has, according to documents, been practicing a special Mainz choral dialect of liturgical Latin plainsong at services since 1333 dialect – the dialect is only preserved here. The choir performs a Latin mass most Sundays except during school vacations. Countertenor Andreas Scholl was a member of the choir, his sister Elisabeth Scholl was the first girl to be accepted.


The oldest bell dates from 1389. The Gothic architecture of the building is accompanied by the sound of that period in music and bells.

High-grade wines are grown in Kiedrich. The vineyards (or 'Weinlagen') Gräfenberg, Wasseros, Klosterberg, Sandgrub and Turmberg, and the larger wine-growing area ('Großlage') Heiligenstock are said to be the Rheingau’s top wines. The Kiedrich winemakers’ wine-growing tradition originates in the year 1480, when wine was already being grown by the winemaker’s house that is still exists today, under the name 'Adelsgut Langenhof'. The local winemakers’ cooperative has existed since 1893, making it the oldest in the Rheingau.


Kiedrich is first mentioned in a document of the Archbishopric of Mainz. Although the document is not dated, it is known to have originated during the time of Archbishop Frederick (937-954). About 1160 building work began on Scharfenstein Castle. 

Winegrowing in Kiedrich was first mentioned as early as 1131.

Kiedrich belonged to Electoral Mainz (the Archbishopric), and passed, in 1806, to the Duchy of Nassau. In 1866 it was absorbed by Prussia. The community avoided amalgamation with other municipalities during Hesse’s municipal restructuring


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